Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stay tuned for the 2042:Art on the Street Exhibition.

Thanks to all those who helped make 2042 happen. For one and half days there was a crowd at Newtown Square, pasting, colouring, drawing and modelling themselves into the 2042 map BUT at Sunday lunchtime we were washed away with a deluge of 87mm of rain! The highest daily rainfall this year. In minutes, Newtown Square became a lake, which forced us to pack up and run for cover.

For all those who missed out making their mark, you can still contribute your work. Drop it off to Inner West Cultural Services, 35-39 Dickson St, Newtown. Give us a ring first 95504156 or email info@innerwestcs.org.au.

Stay tuned for the 2042:art on the street Exhibition.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


We'd like to thank a number of people who without their help, 2042 would not have happened.

Gustavo Boke, Lucas Bradbury, Simone Brown, Estelle Conley, Kate Henwood, Jonathan James, Kelly McCaffrey, Tis Milner Nichols, MKSHFT, Alice Nakano, Charmaine Pang, Nina Price, Louis Price, Luis Salazar, Casey Temby, Lucy Thornett, Luisa Velasco

During the event Tis Milner-Nichols headed the Creative Crew: Sarah Betts, Lucas Bradbury, Georgia Close Enrique de Val, James Grahams, Zoe Hefferman, Joie Marshall, Janin Mayer, Kelly McCaffrey, Sava Pinney, Beth Robb, Sophie Trevitt,

And our equally fabulous Install Crew were:
Lucas Bradbury, Enrique de Val, Liam Doherty-Penzer, Rosanagh May, Brendan Penzer, Sava Pinney

and to the Inner West Cultural Services, Marrickville Council and Art and About.

This year's 2042: Art on the Street was curated by Camilla Lawson, Tony Curran, Edith Moss and Jodie Barker.

Thanks Timmy

timmydownawell as he is known to his twitter followers tried to warn us of disaster. Thanks Timmy

Rained Out

Awwwwww like any one who has ever played Sim City. Sometimes when you make a virtual city, it is subject to "Natural Disasters" Sometimes the natural disasters can be so extreme that your city is lost and your people gone.

Because we still have tons of content to upload the online side of 2042 can still go on! Please send us stories, photos or comments of your favourite part of Newtown.

In the meantime here is a ton of things that have been happening today:

Interview with a dad and his son making things.